Sip & Swirl at Testarossa Winery

Happy Hour at Testarossa Winery

Join 100 Women supporters on June 24 and September 2 at the Testarossa Wine Bar 107 located at 300 College Avenue, Los Gatos.  Testarossa will donate 15% of all purchases between the hours of 4-8pm to the 100 Women Charitable Foundation.

You asked for more opportunities to network and socialize and we listened!  Invite your friends, families, & neighbors to gather under the sycamore trees at Testarossa Wine Bar 107. This is a great opportunity to spread the word to potential new members.

For more details, visit our Facebook page, join our Event and share it with your friends.

STAR VISTA Receives Grant from 100 Women Foundation

Star Vista  Grant Recipient Ceremony

Star Vista Grant Recipient Ceremony

Star Vista serves homeless, runaway and foster youth in San Mateo County through the Daybreak Program. This program provides nutritious food, shelter and safety; counseling, therapy and social support; independent living skills training and other comprehensive services that help youth make a successful transition from life on the street to healthy, positive living environments and self-sufficiency. Daybreak is the only intensive residential service in San Mateo County designed to meet the needs of unaccompanied homeless, runaway and former foster youth aged 16-21.

Students in the Daybreak program either maintain enrollment in an accredited high school program or secure a high school equivalency degree. Youth beyond high school age complete a job-training program and secure and maintain employment. All youth are provided healthy meals and a safe and stable shelter. The majority of youth who leave the program successfully transition to positive living arrangements.

At Daybreak, youth live at a 10-bed house for up to 18 months while resident counselors work with them to develop individualized transitional living plans. The plans address a number of needs including social support, education and training, employment, opportunities to give back to the community, adequate physical and mental health care, and substance abuse treatment. Daybreak partners with a number of community agencies to provide needed services and permanent housing when youth leave the house. Youth receive after care support services for as long as needed when they leave the program.

Through intensive street outreach in the community, StarVista reaches over 3,000 homeless and at-risk youth each year by canvassing local high schools and going directly to the places where street youth gather such as shopping malls, parks and public transportation depots. These youth are provided information and referrals to food, shelter, and health services.


A grant from 100 Women Charitable Foundation will offset recent cuts in federal funding that previously supported Daybreak’s general operating costs. The funds will be used to return staff on-site hours to previous levels (24/7) and provide food and supplies for the house. hello

WANDA Receives Grant

Grant Received from 100 Women Charitable Foundation = $47,500
WANDA Grant Recipient Ceremony

WANDA Grant Recipient Ceremony

WANDA is dedicated to empowering low-income single mothers and helping them achieve economic self-sufficiency. The program provides life skills training, a matched savings program, and professional networking opportunities. These services help single mothers build long-term financial stability for themselves and their families. This in turn alleviates poverty across future generations.

In order to be admitted into the WANDA program, a single mother must be employed and commit to a minimum monthly saving rate.   WANDA targets success-minded single mother head of households who are employed but are at or below the self-sufficiency level.

WANDA Moms participate in a three-year training program that teaches financial management while participants save $4,00o or more each year. These savings are matched 2:1 by donors and the savings are used for education for the mother and/or her children, retirement savings, or the purchase of a home. Participants receive additional support from WANDA leadership, instructors, donors and community support to help them achieve their professional and financial goals.

WANDA strongly believes that low-income single mothers have significant and unique barriers to financial success that include lack of confidence, lack of a career plan, lack of time for strategic thinking and lack of access to mentoring. Addressing these barriers requires a unique approach. Women benefit from peer support and collaboration with others who understand their situation and WANDA leverages the strengths and needs of women to achieve success. Many WANDA donors are inspired to support the organization because of their personal experiences as a single mother or having been raised by a single mother themselves.


A grant from the 100 Women Charitable Foundation will allow WANDA to provide services to 35 additional low-income single mothers and continued support for 15 women already participating in the program. Some funds will be matched by the Sand Hill Foundation to increase program service and operational sustainability of the 2:1 savings match.