2016 Grant Finalists

Join us on Friday, March 3 at the 100W Annual Meeting & Grant Vote. 2016 members will determine the non-profit organizations that will receive an investment or impact grant.

Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI)

AACI provides services to primarily low income immigrants and refugees.  Although their focus started in the Asian community, AACI helps all survivors of domestic abuse regardless of gender, race, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation.  They offer a variety of programs including primary care health services, senior services, English classes and support for survivors of domestic violence, torture, and human trafficking.

Corbett Group Homes

Corbett Group Homes is a residential program for youth who have been sexually exploited commercially.  Their goal is to empower youth to break away from the enslavement of sexual exploitation and evolve from victims to survivors.  Its four homes provide a safe, nurturing and accepting environment for young people to stabilize their lives while receiving appropriate treatment.  This allows youth to develop healthy behaviors and reach their full potential.

Each One Reach One (EORO)

EORO transforms the lives of youth behind bars by breaking the cycle of incarceration that entraps many low-income youth, especially youth of color.  Through one-on-one mentoring, playwriting, expressive arts, and workshops focused on academic and life skills, EORO positively changes the self-image that often limits the potential of incarcerated youth.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) – Santa Clara County

NAMI helps people living with mental illness and their families by offering a wide range of support programs, education, and advocacy.  Most long-term homeless people have a mental illness and other mentally ill persons are frequently incarcerated because of their untreated illness.  NAMI provides research, support and advocacy for mentally ill individuals who are often unable to advocate for themselves.

Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence (NDS)

NDS works to end domestic violence by creating paths for survivors to achieve safety and self-sufficiency.  NDS implements prevention and intervention services to diverse populations throughout Santa Clara County.  Their long term, intensive, case management uses the Eight Domains of Self-Sufficiency: income, education, housing, food, health care, employment, wellness, and domestic violence/abuse counseling.

Silicon Valley Children’s Fund (SVCF)

SVCF improves educational and life outcomes of foster youth.  SVCF offers programs starting from freshman year in high school through the completion of post-secondary education.  SVCF collaborates with community partners to address the educational, vocational, and employment needs of current and former foster youth.  The program includes direct services, advocacy, and capacity building for its clients