Got 100 Minutes?

Volunteer Opportunity at My New Red Shoes

When: Wednesday July 12 from 1 to 4pm

Where: 616 Los Ninos Way in Los Altos, home of Vickie Fujioka

What to bring: A pair of new shoes for child/youth*

$40 for clothing gift card to be purchased by My New Red Shoes

With the goal of building impact through customized, compelling and meaningful volunteer opportunities, 100 Women is offering a 100 Minutes opportunity to help My New Red Shoes provide back to school shoes for kids in our community. This year we are “adopting” LifeMoves Opportunity Services Center and be responsible for supplying the components for all of the children in that agency.

We will also have an opportunity to distribute the gift bags to the children and youth in person, depending on any restrictions from the agency.

What we will do:  Put the shoes and gift card in a sewn gift bag (provided) and decorate a back to school note to each child.

*Please refer to the shoe guideline.  

RSVP to Jeanne Chan at  She will match you with a needy child and send the age, gender and shoe size(s) of the child/children needed.