In 2014, we donated a total of $172,500 to three different amazing causes, bringing our nine year giving total to $966,900. Check out our past grant recipients as well!


Operation Freedom Paws Grant Recipient CeremonyOperation Freedom Paws Grant Recipient Ceremony

Grant Received from 100 Women Charitable Foundation = $47,500

Operation Freedom Paws uses dogs to radically improve the lives of the disabled. The organization empowers veterans and others to live a quality life by teaching them to train their own dogs and form certified service dog teams. The dogs, often provided by rescue organizations and shelters, are matched according to each client’s specific physical and psychological needs. There is no charge for the dogs or the 48-week (minimum) training program.

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WANDA Grant Recipient Ceremony WANDA Grant Recipient Ceremony

Grant Received from 100 Women Charitable Foundation = $47,500

WANDA (Woman’s Achievement Network and Development Alliance) is dedicated to empowering low-income single mothers and helping them achieve economic self-sufficiency. The program provides life skills training, a matched savings program, and professional networking opportunities. These services help single mothers build long-term financial stability for themselves and their families. This in turn alleviates poverty across future generations.

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Star Vista Grant Recipient Ceremony Star Vista Grant Recipient Ceremony

Grant Received from 100 Women Charitable Foundation = $47,500

StarVista serves homeless, runaway and foster youth in San Mateo County through the Daybreak Program. This program provides nutritious food, shelter and safety; counseling, therapy and social support; independent living skills training and other comprehensive services that help youth make a successful transition from life on the street to healthy, positive living environments and self-sufficiency. Daybreak is the only intensive residential service in San Mateo County designed to meet the needs of unaccompanied homeless, runaway and former foster youth aged 16-21.

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Recipients of $10,000 Investment Grants

Sunday Friends:

Sunday Friends works with low-income families to help children escape a poverty lifestyle that is often passed down through multiple generations. Sometimes known as “The Working Alternative to Charity,” Sunday Friends provides opportunities instead of handouts. Children and parents earn basic necessities by giving back to the community, learning practical life skills, and developing self-sufficiency.

Ten Books a Home:

Ten Books a Home gives economically disadvantaged families in the Ravenswood School District access to educational opportunities within their home environment to improve preschool-aged children’s educational and economic trajectories.

Saint Francis of Assisi Youth Club:

The Saint Francis of Assisi Youth Club, located in East Palo Alto, is an after school and summer program that provides services to at-risk youth and their families at low to no cost. Although the Youth Club shares the name with the St. Francis of Assisi Church, the club is non-sectarian and open to all youth regardless of their religious affiliation.