Who Can Apply?

100W grant amounts are determined by the annual giving of our members. Since the amount of the grants is not yet known, successful applicants will demonstrate need for the entire impact grant (historically $45,000 or more) and have a budget that demonstrates the sustainability of the project and or program.

Non-profit organizations that receive an investment grant are welcome to re-apply.  Non-profit organizations that receive an impact grant should wait one year before re-applying.

The 100 Women Charitable Foundation (100 WCF) considers grant proposals in three focus areas: Education, Family, and Health & Wellness. We fund programs that have a long-term positive affect on our community; have a significant impact on people’s lives; and benefit an underserved or disadvantaged population within our local community.

Our Mission is to provide access for more women to be involved in local philanthropy and to help make a significant difference in the long-term sustainability of our local nonprofit community.

Each applicant must

  • Be invited to apply by a current member of the 100 WCF
  • Be a 501(c)(3) or 509(a) public charity for a minimum of 36 months prior to the 100 WCF Annual Dinner in March
  • Serve in the Santa Clara or San Mateo counties of the San Francisco Bay area, or be a recognized local chapter of a state or national nonprofit serving this region
  • Expend all monies locally within Santa Clara or San Mateo counties
  • Intend to spend all funds within 12 months
  • Disclose all pending or pre-served litigation

Funding Exclusions

  • Debt reduction or operational deficits
  • Grants to individuals
  • Endowment funding
  • Partisan, legislative, or political activity
  • Religious outreach or evangelical programs
  • Projects whose sole purpose is to fund athletics or visual & performing arts

How to Apply

All applications must be submitted on the appropriate forms. Please carefully review the four-phase grant application process to fully understand how our grant process works and which forms nonprofits must complete by the deadlines indicated. Grants provided by 100 Women Charitable Foundation are non-renewable. However, an organization may submit a new proposal the following year for continued funding.

PHASE I. Letter of Intent (LOI) – Due Date May, 31st
  • Download and submit Letter of Intent between April 1st and May 31st.
  • Letters of Intent to Apply must be submitted on the form provided.
  • No Letters of Intent will be accepted after the deadline.
  • Only 45 Letters of Intent will be accepted.
  • Letters of Intent are considered in the order that they are received.
  • In order to submit a Letter of Intent, you must be “recommended” by a current voting member of 100 Women Charitable Foundation. Each organization must include a referral name and email of a current 100 Women Charitable Foundation Member.
  • All Applicants must adhere to the 100 WCF application parameters
  • Members of 100 Women Charitable Foundation will review all of the submitted Letters of Intent and invite organizations to complete a Full Grant Application
  • 100 Women Charitable Foundation will acknowledge each Letter of Intent to Apply received
  • 100 Women Charitable Foundation reserves the right to reject a Letter of Inquiry or a Grant Application for any reason, including if it is late or incomplete in any way
PHASE II. Full Grant Application – Due Aug. 15

Selected organizations submitting an approved Letter of Intent, will be invited to complete and submit a Grant Application.

  • 100 Women Charitable Foundation will accept emailed applications by midnight, August 15
  • In October the 100 Women Charitable Foundation will notify you of application status, and if you are selected to continue our application process
  • At this time, you may be personally invited by one of our Focus Area Committees to participate in the next Phase of our application process
PHASE III. Selection of Semi Finalists: Site Visits and Financials: Oct.-Nov.
  • 100 Women Charitable Foundation will select grant candidates in each of the three focus areas and conduct site visits during the months of October through December
  • The objective of the site visit is to complete a general due diligence review and to investigate and resolve any questions
  • Site visits require approximately 60 minutes of dedicated time, and we require the participation of the director, program manager, or other qualified individual to represent the organization. An interview schedule will be established prior to the visit
  • Applications selected as semifinalists will be requested to complete a form with the following financial information: (1) most recent IRS Form 990 filing (including Schedule A) for the past year; and (2) financial statements (prefer audited) for past year
PHASE IV. Grant Finalists: Jan. 30
  • Each Grant Nominee finalist will be notified by January 30, and be asked to present a short presentation at our 100 WCF Annual Membership Dinner and Grant Vote in early March
  • A summary of information about each finalist and project will be emailed to all 100 Women Charitable Foundation members in early February
  • A representative from each of the grant finalists will be invited to the 100 Women Charitable Foundation Annual Membership Dinner and Grant Vote to make a short presentation about their proposal to all of our members
  • 100 Women members will then vote on the finalists, with each 100 WCF member casting one vote and the majority deciding on the grant recipients
  • Grant finalists will not be present during the member voting, and will be notified of their results by the Sunday after the 100 WCF Annual Membership Dinner and Grant Vote

Conflict of Interest

Members who are serving on a grant evaluation committee or who are a member of the 100 Women board are required to disclose potential conflicts of interest. All members are expected to act in an objective and fair manner. In particular, members are expected to refrain from any attempt to gain an unfair advantage for any particular grant applicant.